Do I need to hire an agent to sell my home?
Well of course we are biased but the technical answer is no. If you wish to sell your home on your own and you have the time, legal and technical expertise and the general wherewithal, you can sell on your own. Statistics however, show that homes listed with an agent, and exposed properly on the MLS, with a much greater exposure, usually end up selling for a higher price than private sales and usually end up covering the commission costs.

Do I need to Stage my home?
Every home and situation is different. Often, a simple room by room edit will suffice. Often our clients can get away with a fresh coat of paint for the front door and some re-arranging of the furniture. We believe in the “cheap and cheerful” when you are moving on. But depersonalizing and decluttering is a must!

Do I buy and then sell or sell and buy?
This is a personal situation and different for everyone. The benefits to selling first? You know exactly the amount of monies you have available to move on. The downside? You will have a set timeline in which to purchase your next property. The benefits to buying first? You have the time to find exactly what you want. The downside? You will not yet know the sale price (and therefore available monies) from your current home, it may sell for more than you anticipate meaning you may be able to shop for a different home or sell for less.

Do I need a Pre-listing Inspection?
It is generally a good idea. If it turns up any minor deficiencies, you have time to correct them. It also encourages offers with no inspection conditions.

Is there a best time to sell?
This depends upon several factors. Your location and your price point being two of them. Unless you are strictly appealing to first time buyers, where this demographic never sleeps, try to avoid summer months and the month of December. If you are located within a family neighbourhood, also try to work around school holidays and long weekends.

Any Suggestions for kids and pets while we are listed?
Yes. Regarding PETS. Not all buyers who view your home love pets and some may have allergies to our furry friends. Best choice? Boarding while you are listed. Second best? Day care while showings are happening. Last option? Come home and remove your pet from the home for the showing.
KIDS. Encourage your children to keep a clean room with the reward style of incentive. Make it fun with a gold star everyday their bed gets made and the play room is cleaned up. Moving can be stressful for children as well so how about a family dinner out while the showing is happening? Many of our clients list their home, clean once and head out of town for the week, always a fun option if it works for you!

Do I need a For Sale sign on the lawn?
The answer is Yes. Usually when clients ask us this it’s because they do not want their neighbours to know they are listed. Believe me, they will know anyways. Quite often, people buy homes that are not actively looking to buy a property when they are out driving or visiting friends in your neighbourhood. Your For Sale sign is free advertising! Why not let your neighbours pick your buyer by sending your listing information on to their friends and family?

Top questions to ask an agent that you are interviewing to hire?

  1. How long have you been an agent and where is your primary trading area?
  2. What is your marketing and advertising plan for this property, where can I find your website and how do you use social media when listing?
  3. What and where are the last 3 homes you have sold? What is your list to sell ratio? Have you ever has a RECO complaint?

Can I fire my agent?
Yes. it is more difficult to do so during the listing contract but it can be done with a brokers involvement. Always ask your agent this question when you are interviewing them.

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