Do I have to pay commission?
Commissions are usually paid by the Vendor. However, purchasers can choose to pay the selling agents commission. Please inquire.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?
To represent your interests, yes.

What if we end up not getting along?
We mutually agree to cancel our contract.

What if you do not keep your commitments to me?
You need to let us know what your expectations are and also let us know if and when there are problems. If irreconcilable, we mutually agree to cancel our contract.

What if another agent finds me the house I want to buy?
We are ready to go to work for you 24/7 but in return, we respectfully request 100% of your loyalty. That is the purpose of the “Buyer Representation Agreement” as mandated by the Toronto Real Estate Board.

What if you are unavailable?
We have a team of licensed professionals working 24/7. The odds are rare.

Can I make a verbal offer?
No – all offers must be written on standard contracts and must be either be accompanied by a certified bank draft or deposit cheque or procured within 24 hours of acceptance.

Can I negotiate directly wth the owner?
That is what you are hiring us to do and it is our direct area of expertise.

Do the banks appraise all properties?

Can I find something that will not need many repairs?
Yes, you tell us your parameters. We’ll do our best to meet them.

How long will the house hunting take?
That depends on you. Everyone is different! It depends upon your guidelines and your availability. We are ready when you are!

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?
A contract that is signed by the buyer which commits you to us as a client and / or a customer and allows us to represent you in the purchase of a home. A Buyer Representation Agreement is a legal document that formalizes your working relationship with a particular buyer’s representative, detailing what services buyers are entitled to and what your agent expects from you in return.

Do I have to work exclusively with you?
Yes, we politely request your confidence and loyalty in return for our hard work, time spent and dedication to our clients.

Will you work with me?
We mutually agree to work together.

Can I go to a public open house?
Sure! Just tell the listing agent that we represent you and if you are interested in the home, we can set up an appointment to go through it together a second time.

Can I lose my deposit?
In certain circumstances. Please inquire.

Can I renegotiate after the home inspection?
Depending upon the significance of the findings – yes.

Will the house I buy come with appliances?
Every listing’s inclusions and exclusions are different.

Can I store something at the property or move in early?
No – it is not recommended by either lawyers or the insuring companies.

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