April 5, 2018 Battle Team

AGENTS! Agents open house

An open house sign.

AGENTS!  This is an AGENT open house! 

I am sitting at an AGENT OPEN HOUSE  on one of our listings. It is clearly advertised on line as an AGENT open house.
Unbeknownst to me, today must be a brand new day in the world of agent open houses apparently as I have had 3 sets of buyers come into the agent open house on their own, without their agent anywhere in sight!  AND  their agent told them it would be fine to do so?
Not one of their agents bothered to call me to ascertain whether this would be ok, to send their buyers through unaccompanied.
When I asked for their agents business cards. not one buyer had them. When I asked where their agent was, the answers were varied.
  1. “They are too busy downtown to come out to the west end” Hmmmm, which I guess means the buyer will run around on their own to open houses, both agent and public, and their agent will draft the offer which takes 15 minutes, and get paid a huge chunk of cash. If this happens to you, fire your agent and use a local agent who can be bothered to take the time to actually show you a home.
  2. No clear answer as to where their agent was, simply this “ they told me this would be fine”  On what planet? I SMELL  A LAZY AGENT
  3. And my personal favourite “They have so many clients that they are too busy this morning to meet me here” and …… WAIT FOR IT  ….”whats the big deal to you”?  WT??????
What is going on here? Agent open houses,  without the public, actually serve a purpose believe it of not. It is a forum for agents to chat amongst themselves and with the listing agent regarding the property, its history, its potential, pricing ideas and whats happening in their marketplace. This morning at one point,  I had 3 agents in the house trying to ask me questions regarding the actual property which I could hardly answer as one of the buyers was drilling me with questions. Questions that should have been directed to and answered by their own agent, if their agent had taken the time to bother to show up!  Agent open houses cater to agents.
Public open houses are a different forum all together. They are for the benefit of the buyer and cater to buyers in an effort to answer all their questions etc..
At times, in the past, I have had agents call me in certain circumstances, and ask if they can bring their buyers through the agent open house. I always say sure, I appreciate the courtesy and understand there are often challenges with a buyers and an agent’s  time. I can give them a convenient time, I can have a feature sheet ready for them etc. This is done as a courtesy, it is not a standard.
It is one of my jobs, as the listing agent holding the agent open house,  to make sure the property is kept safe and secure. How can I do that when agents are telling their buyers, “ sure go through, its fine” without calling me or at the very least, giving these buyers their business card so I can at least confirm some type of identity?
Why should I look like the “bad guy” when I am just doing my job?  Why am I being put in this frustrating position? I hate to be a bad guy and not let these potential buyers in. Who knows, yes, one of these buyers may actually but the property, that is true but so is the safekeeping of their home and applying the standards to which I agreed when I listed it.
Agents, do your damn job. Show your buyers properties that work around their time lines and not your own. AND pls don’t tell your buyers that walking through an agent open house is fine…..because it is not…

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